Roundtable Panelists

Below, you will find more information about the panelists (in order of appearance) that will join the roundtable session at the symposium.

Dr Ignacio López Goñi

Professor of Microbiology at the University of Navarra | Director of the Science Museum at the University of Navarra

Short biography: Ignacio joined the University of Navarra in 1992, where he teaches Microbiology and Virology. His research focuses on the study of the molecular and genetic mechanisms that control the virulence of pathogenic bacteria, the development of new vaccines and new diagnostic methods for infectious diseases. Ignacio combines his teaching and research work with an intense scientific communication activity through blogs, social media and massive online courses (MOOC). On Twitter, he created the online courses #microMOOC, #microMOOCSEM and #EUROmicroMOOC. He collaborates with Naukas, a renowned science communication and dissemination platform, and with The Conversation

More information: You can read his full biography here.

Dr Beatriz Vigalondo García

Researcher at the Autonomous University of Madrid | Secondary school teacher at IES José Luis Sampedro in Tres Cantos (Madrid)

Short biography: Beatriz’s research focuses on the study of biodiversity and plant systematics, both briophytes and vascular plants, in the Iberian Peninsula, northern Europe, North America and Tropical Africa. She has expertise in science communication with children and teenagers, and teaches biology and geology in secondary education. She also organises and promotes training activities and science communication in several scientific and conservationist organisations, including the Spanish Society of Ornithology (SEO-Birdlife)

More information: You can read her full biography here.

Dr David Schley

Deputy Director at Sense about Science

Short biography: David has a PhD in Mathematics and is a Fellow of the IMA, a Chartered Scientists, a Chartered Mathematician, and a CIPR accredited PR Practitioner. He is passionate about evidence-based policy and decision making, and joined Sense about Science as a researcher, scientist, and communicator to lead campaigns and communications. Having previously worked on the development of evidence base for policy decisions, he now seeks to ensure science and evidence are used appropriately in public life and that people are empowered with knowledge

More information: You can read his full biography here.

Dr Fiona Lethbridge

Senior Press Manager at the Science Media Centre

Short biography: Fiona joined the Science Media Centre (SMC) after carrying out a PhD in Evolutionary Biology at the University of Edinburgh. The SMC is an independent press office working with the scientific community and the UK national news media, and believes that scientists can have a huge impact on the way the media cover scientific issues by engaging more quickly and more effectively with the stories that are influencing public debate and attitudes to science

More information: You can read her full biography here.