IX International Symposium SRUK/CERU

1st-3rd July 2022

Welcome to the IX edition of the International Symposium SRUK/CERU webpage!

The underlying theme for this symposium will be “The Joy of Discovery“, an opportunity to highlight the process of discovering and unravelling new features as part of the scientific journey. We will have keynote speakers with various backgrounds, including areas of humanities such as history of science or philosophy of science.



  • You can now register to attend the symposium! To do so, please follow the instructions detailed here.
  • We are also accepting proposals to either give a short talk, present a poster, or organise a scientific activity at the Science Zone. Please visit this site for more information about how to submit your proposal.

We now have a provisional schedule for the symposium here, but please stay tuned as we will keep updating our website with new information! To keep up with the symposium news, you can follow us on Twitter:logo_twitter@ComunidadCeru and logo_twitter#SRUK2022.

We are really looking forward to sharing more updates and to seeing you this July!

If you have any questions, please contact the organising team here.


Last year, we had to adapt to the pandemic situation and held our first online symposium in Gather Town! If you want to see how it was like, you can visit last year’s symposium’s website here. You can also read a summary of the symposium in our press release here.

You can also watch a nice summary video of the last in-person symposium that we held in Liverpool in 2019, courtesy of our member Clara GarcĂ­a:

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